Saturday, 24 February 2018

Tim Lau


After finding myself incredibly bored during the four month post-HSC break, I began toying around in Cinema 4D, making various buildings. I decided to spend some time creating an airport - a project that could allow me to dedicate a few solid hours into 3D modelling. Although this is a non-existent airport, I based it upon a real life island a few kilometres off Shanghai, which is primarily used for industrial purposes. I therefore used this geographical site as the basis of the airport's location, where the existing infrastructure (sea bridge) would allow it to be viable. The two main terminals of the building are based on the lotus flower, which has petals that branch outwards in an almost symmetrical fashion. The resulting shape of the terminal(s) mimics this form and has two ends that branch out allowing for different angles of sunlight to penetrate the building during different times and also accomodating the "pier terminal" form. 

Usually at the end of each year, my family visits relatives in Hong Kong and as one would expect, the airport is the gateway to the city and hence one of my favourite buildings. The Chek Lap Kok Airport was designed by Norman Foster who turned a deteriorating modernist style of architecture around and is ranked as having the third largest passenger terminal. With its large space, the lightweight roof canopy has allowed for the entire terminal to be supported by thin concrete pillars and hence a spacious public space. The vast amount of glass used throughout the 570,000 metre squared terminal allows for plenty of natural daylight to flood into the building with minimal need for lighting during the day.

As much as architecture can be beautiful, this image of a sunrise taken from Lake Macquarie is one that I think is quite nice 

Revival Cycles: "The Revival BMW Landspeeder" 
noun: metamorphosis // verb: shifting //adjective: crepuscular 
Image result for revival cycles

CJ Henry: "Obviously Orange"
noun: organic // verb: flowing // adjective: extraterrestrial

Gucci: "Acetate Sunglasses"
noun: stasis // verb: pineappling // adjective: anomalous

Acetate sunglasses

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